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08:30 - 09:00

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09:00 - 09:25

Morning refreshments


09:30 - 10:20

Panel: Finger on the Pulse: Keeping up with the Speed of Culture

  • Strategies for authentic engagement
    How creators can foster genuine connections with audiences through culturally relevant content

  • Capitalising on cultural trends
    How creators and brands can identify and engage with emerging cultural movements, while staying authentic and relatable

  • When it goes wrong
    Flopping on social is never fun, but it is always a valuable learning experience. No matter the intentions, it is likely happen at least once in your social media career!

Moderator: Imogen Watson, Work and Inspiration Editor, Campaign

10:20 - 10:45

Fireside Chat: Embracing Differences, Creating Connections: Authenticity and Representation in Influencer Marketing

In this session, we’re shining a light on the often unspoken realities influencer marketing – discrimination, pay disparities, and the marginalisation of certain voices.

We’ll also celebrate the unsung heroes—the influencers and brands who are breaking the mold and making real strides toward a more inclusive industry. These pioneers are not waiting for change; they are driving it.

Moderator: Imogen Watson, Work and Inspiration Editor, Campaign

10:45 - 11:05

Keynote Presentation: The 'Earned-Fluence' Era

Consumer media habits are evolving continually and at pace, traditional media is revolutionising with the rise of 'Earned-Fluence', social content and influencers generating news. With influencers being integral to generating social content, particularly for brands, what is their role in this new generation of media beyond ad spend? 

Join us as we explore the reasons behind our new 'Earned-Fluence' model, how we are providing an effective solution to truly integrating influencers and earned media, transforming results for clients.

11:05 - 11:35 | Networking Break


11:30 - 11:50

Fireside Chat: In Conversation with Snapchat: How Do Consumers Really Feel About Creator Content?

How do consumers really feel about creator content? How do they feel about branded content? Who should ensure audiences are more receptive to branded content - the creator or the brand? And, how widespread is the issue of creators not disclosing sponsored content?

In this session, Snapchat will share findings from their recent research into consumer perceptions of creators and branded content, and how it affects purchase behaviour. 

Moderator: Evie Barrett, News Reporter, PRWeek

11:50 - 12:15

Fireside Chat: 5 lessons from 5 years of partnerships with The Ministry of Defence

Lesley Woods is the woman behind the MoD’s groundbreaking zero-cost partnerships. Guided by the mission of “sharing our stories in the service of others”, she will share five lessons she’s learnt in five years of facilitating partnerships with major Hollywood production companies and championing the use of UGC from their personnel. 

Excitingly, she’ll reveal their brand-new partnership with Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO, which is the first step in creating an Armed Forces ‘Inside Influencers’ program.

Moderator: Evie Barrett, News Reporter, PRWeek

12:15 - 12:30

Presentation: Move Fast or Fail: Trusting Instinct Over Strategy in Influencer Marketing

Without risk, there is no reward, and the brands that are really getting social right know this. Instead of relying on a comprehensive data-led strategy, the social teams that are moving fast, reacting to trends and embracing the incredible speed of social media are seeing the best results.

In this keynote, Tom Sweeney will make the case for trusting instinct over strategy in influencer and social marketing!

12:30 - 13:45 | Lunch and Networking Break


13:45 - 14:15

In-Depth Moderated Discussion: Exploring The Regulations of Influence

Sometimes, it can feel like governments and regulatory bodies lag behind the booming creator economy. With constant platform changes and regular legal debates, the industry exists in a constant state of flux.

In this session, Iona and Joanne will share their thoughts on the recent legal developments and influencer marketing best practices so you can make sure you’re keeping up with the changes.

Moderator: Scott Guthrie, Director-General, IMTB

14:15 - 14:30

Presentation: Authenticity on a Budget: a realistic take on influencer outreach

When revenue is low, marketing budget is usually the one to go. As market conditions are becoming more pressured, more marketing departments will be feeling the squeeze. In this session, you'll learn how to make the most out of your budget and some useful tips on how to sustain your campaigns while facing greater scrutiny.

14:30 - 14:55

Fireside Chat: Behind the Scenes: From Creative Tension to Creative Synergy

Co-creating influencer campaigns for authenticity, impact and relevance

  • The creator perspective
    Hear directly from influencers about navigating the delicate balance between their authenticity and brand objectives

  • Exploring the dynamics of co-creation
    Learn from real-life examples of how influencers and brands can overcome creative tensions to achieve synergy

  • Strategies for success
    Equip your brand with actionable insights on fostering effective, authentic collaborations that leverage the unique strengths of influencers

Moderator: Lucy Shelley, Tech Editor, Campaign

14:55 - 15:25

Panel Discussion: Choosing the Right Channels for Your Social Campaigns

  • What are some of the different channels you can use to create a community which runs outside of traditional apps and platforms? (i.e. WhatsApp and Discord)
  • How different channels can help widen your audience, and reach new people
  • How community influencers can help onboarding and high-friction areas within your path to purchases

Moderator: Lucy Shelley, Tech Editor, Campaign

15:25 - 15:50 | Afternoon Networking Break

15:50 - 16:05

Presentation: UGC Revolution: Redefining Content Creation and Engagement

In the current landscape of influencer marketing, one dynamic force stands out—User-Generated Content (UGC). Join us in this engaging session as we explore the UGC revolution, unlocking its potential to transform your influencer marketing strategies.

16:05 - 16:50

The Influencer360 Challenge: Who’s winning 2024 on social so far?

Discover this year's most innovative and culturally impactful influencer campaigns as selected by our expert panellists. 

You decide the winner!

Moderator: Charlotte Rawlings, Reporter, Campaign

17:00 | Close of Conference