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Welcome from PRWeek & Opening Remarks


PANEL DISCUSSION – Setting the scene – the current state of influencer marketing

09:35 - 10:20

This session will set the scene for the day, asking the key question on where influencer marketing is now and what the biggest themes and trends to look out for.

Key discussion points:

  • What are the latest and biggest trends in influencer marketing?
  • What are the biggest growth areas in influencer marketing? Are new markets entering the space?
  • Why has influencer marketing become such an important marketing channel for brands and agencies in the last few years?
  • The Metaverse and – where are we now? Has it lived up to the hype?
  • The future of influencer marketing: What’s next and how can you stay ahead of the curve?


FIRESIDE CHAT – Under the influence – are you being seduced by style over substance?

10:20 - 10:45

FIRESIDE CHAT – Under the influence – are you being seduced by style over substance?

In this session, we uncover the intoxicating and elusive world of influence and ask if we are being seduced by style and form vs targeting and impact. Highlighting the importance of ROI in today’s cost-conscious economy, we will look at the saliency of data-led decisions across three key areas: identification; activation; and attribution.

Sarah Shilling, EVP Growth & Strategic Services, Porter Novelli

Peter Tomlinson, Digital & Influence Director, Porter Novelli


FIRESIDE CHAT – In conversation with Dove: Cutting through the clutter with Influencer Marketing

10:45 - 11:45

Hear from Dove about how they use audience mapping to strategise and target the right influencers and audiences for their influencing campaigns in a highly saturated market.

Key discussion points: 

  • How do you go about finding the right influencer for your campaigns?
  • How do you map out your audience for your products and campaigns you hope to endorse?
  • Standing out in the crowd – how to create influencer campaigns which are authentic to your brand and your audience




PANEL DISCUSSION – The rise of the niche – nano influencing as a disruptor

11:45 - 12:30

This panel session will discuss how nano-influencers and niche markets are changing the influencer marketing space. Thinking about how this is helping brands and agencies to create more affordable, efficient and authentic influencer campaigns and what this can do for your ROI.

We will also explore how brands and agencies can capitalise on their influencer marketing in niche markets, thinking about the differences in strategy for campaigns and finding the right audience.

Key discussion points: 

  • Moving away from tradition – how nano-influencers have changed the way influencer campaigns are marketed
  • The benefits of targeting niche markets and nano-influencer audiences with your influencing campaigns
  • The rise of influencer marketing in luxury markets – how is it used?
  • How nano-influencers can allow you to be more connected to your audience
  • Audience mapping – how to reach the sub-groups in niche markets for your campaigns and what this can do for your brand reach.


Fireside chat – The evolving legal landscape of influencer marketing

12:30 - 13:00

Hear from Freeths LLP’s Partner, Iona Silverman on all things legal for influencer marketing. She’ll be talking about how the legal landscape for influencer marketing has evolved over the last few years, what to be mindful of when it comes to your influencer partnership contracts, what happens if your relationship breaks down and what you should be on the lookout for in the future.

Key discussion points:

  • Authenticity vs. control – how you can create authentic influencer campaigns and partnerships while controlling your brand message.
  •  Product claims – what should you be thinking about if your influencer is making claims on behalf of your brand?
  • Short term vs. long-term creator partnerships – how much attention should be paid to the details of the contract?
  • Termination rights – what happens when brand-influencer relations break down?
  • De-influencers – is there anything you can do?


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Influence in the Age of AI: Navigating the Intersection of Creativity, Business, and Human Attention

13:00 - 13:20

Brands and creators are already using the latest AI models, like ChatGPT, because with the explosion of creators and the decentralisation of platforms, content, tools, and data, they know they are facing a rapidly-changing landscape that requires them to adapt quickly or risk falling behind.

As the creator economy continues to grow and disrupt traditional advertising methods, brands and creators are increasingly turning to new technology to help them navigate this complex landscape.

In this talk, the EVP of Engineering of BENlabs will explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the creator economy, today and into the future, with examples of how smart brands have leveraged AI to scale the power of creators more efficiently and effectively.




FIRESIDE CHAT – Authentic creators – promoting social impact through content

14:20 - 14:50

For influencers, the relationship with your audience is the driving force behind your content and it is important for this content to be authentic to you and your profile.

This fireside chat will discuss how your content can create a social and environmental impact for your audiences, and why the choices you make around brands and content are important for creating a lasting relationship with your followers. Thinking about how these decisions can make your content more credible and impactful – benefitting the brands you work with and your channels.

Key discussion points:

  • How does promoting social impact and sustainability in your content promote a more connected influencer-follower relationship?
  • How do you promote brands which are sustainably and ethically focused?
  • How to make the tough choices around brands you work with, and balance this with creating content which counts.
  • How you can move your content away from being performative.


CASE STUDY PRESENTATION – Creating campaigns which truly connect with your audiences

14:50 - 15:10

This session will look at how a PRESS Healthfoods has used influencer marketing in a recent campaign to drive sales and brand awareness and messaging in new ways, thinking about how they have interacted with their audience through their campaign and their influencer partner.


15:10 - 16:10

Key discussion points:

  • Actions speak louder than words – what are we actually doing to ensure influencer marketing is a more diverse and inclusive space for now and the future?
  • Addressing diversity and inclusivity – understanding what this means for different groups
  • How you can ensure your content and campaigns are not simply performative.
  • The influencer pay gap – how do we address this issue?
  • Celebrating stories – what are content creators, brands and agencies doing in the space to celebrate diversity and inclusivity?
  • What can we look forward to for the future?




DOUBLE FIRESIDE – Snapchat’s booming creator space

16:10 - 16:40

Join us for a double fireside session with Emily McDonnell and Hannah Walker from Snapchat, as they share their insights on how brands can leverage Snapchat’s creators and augmented reality features to create stronger connections and drive sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts on how to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing.


FIRESIDE CHAT – ‘De-Influencing’ – is this a trend here to stay?

16:40 - 17:10

Key discussion points:

  • How brands and agencies can use de-influencing to their advantage
  • Social burnout – why de-influencing can help combat fatigue from constant selling campaigns online
  • Why brands and agencies shouldn’t be scared of the de-influencing trend
  • How this touches on the need for transparency and authenticity with your influencer marketing.
  • How will this trend of de-influencing change the influencer marketing space?


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