Brandon B

Content Creator

BrandonB is a content creator known for his creative flair and engaging videos. Based in the UK, he specializes in VFX content that blends fantasy visuals, humor, and educational content, drawing in a diverse audience. With a combined following exceeding 17 million followers, his videos have garnered over 15 billion views across various social media platforms.

Brandon's Shorts are among the top 10 highest-performing of all time, amassing almost a billion views.

Frequently collaborating with prominent figures like Tom Holland, Tyson Fury, and Jake Gyllenhaal, Brandon has also attracted partnerships with leading brands, including Disney, Netflix, and Google.

Brandon also leads StudioB, an award-winning digital production company catering to global brands. Known for their deep understanding of social media and unique approach to content creation, StudioB excels at crafting content that resonates with audiences, helping brands achieve millions of impressions.