Jordan Schwarzenberger

Manager of The Sidemen & Co-Founder of Arcade Media

As the co-founder of Arcade Media, Jordan spearheads initiatives to support The Sidemen, whom he identifies as the foremost British cultural export of this generation. Under his guidance, Arcade Media has successfully launched three fast-growing businesses in collaboration with The Sidemen: Side+, Sides and XIX Vodka. Jordan's commitment to realising their big ambitions and leaving a lasting legacy underscores his dedication to fostering creative talent and driving innovation in the digital space.

Jordan began his career by joining VICE as their youngest creative, where he honed his skills in content creation and storytelling. He later collaborated with LADbible to launch their agency Joyride, demonstrating his knack for identifying emerging trends and engaging audiences. As the founder of Roundabout, the first Gen Z agency in the UK, Jordan showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and foresight into the evolving needs of the digital landscape.